Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Lexington’s Strategic Planning in Full Swing:  Creating an Educational Vision for our District’s Future

Members of the LPS Synthesis Team are in the process of synthesizing and analyzing the Keep-Lose-Dream-Innovate (KLDI) data collected to date. Synthesis Team members include: Caitlin Ahern, Andrew Baker, Liz Billings-Fouhy, Jared Cassedy, Dane Despres, Julie Hackett, Eileen Jay, Maureen Kavanaugh, Avon Lewis, Chris Lyons, Francesca Pfrommer, Deepika Sawhney, Lonamae Shand, and Len Swanton.  As indicated in the Strategic Planning Timeline, we have a number of full-day and evening Synthesis Team meetings scheduled until the district’s strategic plan is finalized.  We have held three meetings to date, and we are looking forward to an all-day workshop on May 9, 2019. During our meetings, we have thoroughly analyzed all elementary, middle, high school and Joint Council data from our LPS educators.  Synthesis Team members are now in the process of developing elementary and secondary narrative summaries that will be shared with LPS educators on the upcoming May 16th Professional Learning Day. ST members will act as Strategic Planning Ambassadors and partner with principals to: reinforce our strategic planning philosophy, discuss how we have analyzed the data, the emergent strengths, challenges, tensions and themes, and what practices we need to stop. We are looking forward to an open and honest discussion with staff members in our ten Lexington Public Schools.  

Reference Materials:  

Synthesis Team Agenda, April 9, 2019

Synthesis Team Agenda, April 24, 2019

Synthesis Team Agenda, May 3, 2019

May 6, 2019 Community Forum

Executive Summary of the Strategic Plan 

Strategic Planning Video

Core Values Video

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